Hello, my name is Diana. I'm Dutch but live with my husband and two girls in beautiful Bavaria, Germany.

I chose the name of my blog on a whim, after I got inspired to start one myself on a late evening in March, back in 2007. So, please don't hold it against me.

I do like bags though. So that fits. And I also forget them sometimes. On park benches, in shopping carts and at the handles of my bike. Always good for a scare.

I told you, I picked the name (very) late one evening...

In reality you will mostly find posts about crafting on these pages, sprinkled with some (cheerful) experiences and musings from my daily life as a mildly chaotic, slightly headstrong but always positive thinking individual.

You can also find me here:
Caught Crafting:
My second blog on craft materials, designers and DIY inspirations.

Yes, I do that too.

Still have my account on Flickr up and running. Although I'm not updating on a very regular basis, I like the Flickr community, and check in to see what everyone else is doing frequently.

Ribbons and Crafts:
My online shop filled with ribbon and, well yes...crafts. At least this name is to the point!

That's about it.
You can email me with happy messages, questions and for saying hello (diana(at)
I like email when it's not the spam kind.

Have fun reading, and I hope to see you around again!