12 June 2012

Garden novice.

Fancied writing a little blog post.
Originally I planned to get back to the tea cards, as promised. But it looks like that won't be necessary.
Oh well, I knew the tea card thing would be tricky ;)...
I'll make somebody a small surprise incorporating one of the cards instead.

In the mean time we spend a beautiful week in our "Datscha" during the Pentecost holidays, and are knee deep into gardening these days. Between saving our old apple trees, digging out a couple of unwanted ash trees, cleaning out the mistreated compost pile (yuk!), and planning on how to replace the wooden fences, there was still time to take in the last rays of sun with a well-deserved beer on the the south-west side of our barn. Who would have thought, I'd become a gardener one day. I know I definitely didn't use to be,when I was helping out in my parents' garden during my younger years...

But it feels good to see things grow under your hands. Be it outside or inside. Which brings me to this fabric design from Stig Lindberg full of fun garden details. Re-editioned by Design House Stockholm. I'd love a piece of that, even just to frame as a wall hanging.

Till soon,

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