21 May 2012

Let's do things different

I like blogging. But sometimes I think I'm making it too difficult for myself. So I decided to stop doing that.
Easy-going is the new motto.

Within that context: Here we go with a quick self-made but not self-designed item, which I snapped up in this abundant, world-wide net, and pinterest-pinned a while ago from right here.

There is a story behind it too when you follow the link in that post: Big Toy Company threatened small etsy seller because the way the ribbons were placed/folded. This was patented by Big Toy Company.
So be warned: Don't fold small pieces of ribbon in half, sew them onto something, and try to make big money out of it. It is someone's intellectual property.

I wonder if they also hold a patent for folded felt strips...I might be crossing a border here...ahem.

Also in the picture above plastic chips. In Holland we call it "Vlooienspel" (Flea Game I just read on wiki the English call it Tiddlywinks. Funny... Teeedullywinks...). You're supposed to chip them into a cup by using one of the big ones to let the smaller ones jump. These things are delicious (I really am tempted to eat them. But that won't end well.) There must be a way to use them in a craft projects. Any ideas? I'll surf a bit, and tell when I find a neat idea. Or think of one myself.

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