31 May 2012


I have a small something to give away, and today is a good day for that, as it's my birthday.

At a flea market two weeks ago, I discovered the world of Brooke Bond Tea Cards.
Probably a household name for anglo-saxon readers, but entirely new to me. Let me tell you: There's a whole collector's frenzy out there. Type "Brooke Bond Tea Cards" into Google, and you'll see what I mean!
Decades of tea card sets unfold before your eyes. From the "History of British Costume" (I immediately bought some of those via ebay), to "The Race into Space". From "African Wild Life" to "Famous People"...

I picked up a mixed set of "Tropical Birds" and "Wild life" original cards from the early sixties and as there were a couple of doubles (17 to be precise) I thought of giving them to one of you.

These are wonderfully illustrated bits of ephemera, which can be used for all kind of paper crafting. The cards measure 36mm by 68 mm, are made of thick paper, and are in a good condition: No tears or stains, less wrinkles than (almost equally old) me.

The back side always contains some information about the animal depicted on the front. I made a small collage below with all the cards included in the give-away. You'll get them without all the virtual back-ground, but I bundle them up nicely for you!

So,...the only thing to do for you, if you're interested, is to leave me a comment with a link to your blog and/or pinterest board or flickr account (if you have one) and you're in. You have time until the 10th of June.

If you like, you can add yourself to the "reader's" list as well. It's no prerequisite, though, as I don't like to push these kind of things.

Well...I'll be off to do some partying now. See you soon!

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Claudia said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Hopelijk heb je geen "natte broeken weer" zoals ik! Groetjes Claudia