19 April 2012

"Come in, we're open!"

Flowers, thoughtful small gifts, and so many encouraging words and well-wishers! Also: The loveliest reactions from the shop owners around us, who are all very happy that the retail space didn't get lost to an office. Nothing against an office of course, but with every additional shop the street gets more inviting and alive.

After the craze of the first days, I realize that one of the best things about this adventure for me personally, is that I am getting out of my secluded, internet based working environment, and into direct interaction with my customers again. I love the surprises, laughs and diversity of visitors. The small stories, and all the different requirements that travel through the shop during a single day. The loop between exchange, inspiration and creation is so much more direct and personal.

Here are some impressions for you. Hope you like it!

Murmel of course...(Marbles). Like pretty round ice cubes.

We fell in love with these Swiss block-puzzles. Very expensive. But it was stronger than us. And you haven't even seen the big ones...

Oh, Huh..hello there! Hope the tiger doesn't scare you off...

Vintage fabric cushions.

A glimpse of the old farmer's bench we picked up a couple of days before the opening.
That's right, we we had not sorted out our complete shop furniture at that point.
Luckily enough, I'd say, because that left us with some space for an instant flea-market buy.

Some hand-made stuff of course (Hair pins in this case). I'm the shop's co-owner after all...;)

Still life on a Desk. Relatively organized. My business partner Gundula will have to be patient with me ;)

If you happen to be in Munich one of these days, I'd love to meet you in person! I moved my ribbon spools to the shop as well...
Our address: "MURMEL", Volkartstrasse 6, 80634 M√ľnchen.

Have a good weekend!

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