26 March 2012

Taking it day by day

Our shop opening comes closer and closer, and my days go by in a flurry of painting, installing lights, chasing the Tax office, comparing insurances, and discussing logos.

Still, I wouldn't want it any other way! Today I threw in a quick thrifting session. We are desperately looking for a wooden table lamp (Anybody a tip?). What I found instead: Painted wooden mini-eggs.

Important too.


Fledgling said...

"OH...my STORE?!?" Con-freaking-gratulations!!

HOW cool is that? I am crossing my fingers for you!

You can be so proud. You make things happen! Since I've "known" you, you've changed careers, took on the challenge of an old mountain house and now it's the big time with your own retail location (however little that big time is ;-)

Congratulations! I'm on pins and needles for you!

Die Schaubude said...

congratiolations ;) greetings tani