28 February 2012

Retail Rambles

Now we are smack in the middle of getting our retail act together.
We hope all our goods will arrive in time, and I'm trying to get my crafty bits done...

Good we had a couple of days in the sun and the mountains last week, to get the energy levels up.

We'll get the key of our shop later this week, and I'll make some pictures of the space.
Be warned: It's tiny. There is a chance everybody will walk straight past without even noticing it.
I could dress up like a giant Gnome or Marble and sing happy tunes in front of our shop window, pointing to the door with one of those big foam hands. But Mrs G (my good friend and partner in this venture) will most likely get that stern look in her face, and tell me this is out of the question...

Anyhow, small is what we wanted, otherwise it just wouldn't be manageable for us right now.
Keep you posted!

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