9 February 2012

Crafters Closet - part...

I lost track of my Crafter's Closet series, but I'll give it another try with this project.
Here's the "story":

Our Arper kitchen chairs are one of the few design items we treated ourselves to, after we renovated our house 6 years ago. Below you see a lonely one standing in our living room (which was empty at that time as we had some water damage and needed to repaint).

I probably dragged it there as I wanted to take a picture of something: Their gliding shape and smooth white surface is the ideal backdrop for photographing small things. The seat almost works like a light box.

Anyway. The Arpers. We sit on them too. They are wonderful, give in to movements and are indestructible (handy with kids) but they could be a tiny, tiny bit softer.
So we'll have to try some cushions.

I selected, washed and cut the fabric 6 months ago (My beloved Vlisco vintage fabric on top). And that's where it's still at. Four silly cushions. I need to get over that sewing machine allergy, the zipper fobia, and the piping angst and get going. Next week the result. Promised.

1 comment:

Jeleryl Comisky said...

What colorful cushions! Now on Arpers, your cushions will surely pop out in color! Anyway, I hope you get everything in your house done. That repainting is a bit of a headache, since it can get messy in there.