7 January 2012

hello, hello!

Finally back after two weeks of traveling. First to family in Holland for wonderful, relaxed Christmas and New Year's celebrations. Then a couple of days to our house in Austria. Still a huge project, especially with major distractions such as snow shoveling.
(We definitely need one of those spiffy machines to cut our way through. I've never displaced so much snow from A to B!)

I have been sorting our way through a batch of cupboards, dressers, closets and wardrobes again, while my dear husband tried to understand the wild and unusual heating system (gas, solar, wood carburator, floor heating, plus some classic wood ovens all thrown in a pot with a scary amount of pipes and faucets).

So now I can offer you an 80-ies glitzy Bogner ski-suit. A stuffed bird collection. A pair of mon-chi-chi bed linens. Or maybe the electric dart game we found hidden somewhere in the "Stube"....?

But there are some quirky nice things too. Like the antique hair curlers (we all need those right?), a brass pendulum, a silver tea sieve and a funny round brush.

We also discovered a nice big dining table in the attic under layers of dust. No trace of woodworms either for a change. Yippie! Oh, and yes,...here is the snow. Well, at least the beginning of it...

That dark gray building with the shingles is our shed. I love that shed. Filled to the brim too. But that's for summer.

For now, it's about wishing you all a wonderful and healthy 2012. Before it's too late to do so!


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tearinguphouses said...

oh, how i miss snow living in florida!