26 January 2012

handmade heart

I am well aware that you haven't seen a lot of creative stuff here lately. I did make some things. Mostly plans. Will tell more of that next week.

But now a little hands-on Valentine project.

A while ago I thought it would be nice to have some card stock hearts with a pattern of perforations. A plain, good quality heavy paper canvas so to say. Easy to decorate and use in different ways.
Cutting them myself and adding perforations turned out to be a bit messy and very labour- intensive. So I looked into the possibilities of having a batch pre-punched.

After finding nice supplier, and a couple of tries (the small perforations proved to be tricky) it all worked out, and now I have a box of lovely 2mm thick, cleanly punched, white cardboard hearts.

A valentine tree would be lovely.
My "seasonal" branch is awaiting some fresh wind. Above is number one, with Miss A on the back.

For Miss M, I have some fine sequins in store.
And I added a quick, sweet garland to cheer up the window...difficult to get the whole thing on a picture though...

As I have quite a lot of hearts, I'll be putting them into the shop as well (starting Monday).
Or you can shoot me an email right away if you're interested. To get the costs covered they will come at a price of 0,95 € per piece.
The hearts measure 12 x 11 centimeters and have a centered square of 5 x 5 small perforations (2mm wide) so you can easily get a needle through. The colour is a pure, matte white.

You can add buttons, pearls, embroider, draw, use them to wrap up a special gift, string them together, make a little booklet, add decopatch etc.
Hmmm, in the end I might not have enough hearts to try it all out ;)

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