21 December 2011

santa squirreling

Like most of you, I'm in the middle of getting all the presents sorted.
One of the things Santa is going to bring is a book from the series "Ich Sehe Was" (Original Title "I spy"). We already have a couple of them, but I'm sure the kids will love to search through another one.

However, after seeing this today, I realized that next time I should make our own family version.

"I spy, I spy,....three pairs of silly eyes, 9 stars from either sky or sea, and a little Christmas tree!"

With all these collections and displays in the house we'll easily get a sizeable book together!
Too late, for this year I'm afraid, but I'll put it on the list for 2012.


Fledgling said...

Merry Christmas, Diana! Happiness and joy to you and your family!

I spy from all the things in the house? What a great idea. Never loose anything again! Just today, I played "I spy" for about 45 minutes looking for boogie board fins and a philips head screwdriver...still haven't spied the fins anywhere...

XO -N.

Helmi said...

Ben benieuwd!

Anonymous said...

I spy lots of pink sparkly things! (Being in an all-male household I notice this, such things being sadly absent in my home!)

I hope you had a very happy Christmas with your family and that we all get some snow soon. :)