17 November 2011

a quick post...

...before I dive into the world of (clumsily) made cupcakes again, and finish my "oh so clever" scavenger hunt, as well as the party decoration bits that will be required tomorrow.
I think they will want to hear ABBA too. Yes, ABBA.

But here's my quick crafting solution to keep all the needles in the house tidy and in one place.
Darn difficult to photograph though, as one cover is as long as a common pair of knitting needles, the other as short as your standard crocheting needle, and the third one (not pictured yet) as small as a needle book should be.

But it'll give you an impression. And I used a bunch of these felt strips. So hauling them home was not for nothing. The ribbon is part of the wonderful new autumn/winter collection I just got in . The flowers and Zig-Zags are from Kaffe Fassett. Now I only need to get them into the shop, pronto.
But first: Cupcakes.
Have a good weekend! We'll be recovering from ABBA.

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Anonymous said...

Aha, birthday season, just like for us! We made pirate cupcakes with black (eugh) icing and a big pirate ship cake. No Abba this time, except for 'Dancing Queen' to get mum in the mood for making a party! Hope you had a great time and are recovered now... ;)

Love your Kaffe Fassett ribbons by the way.