13 September 2011

Treasure Week

Yesterday was special. Miss A. had her first official school day. Big day. Lovely, festive day.
And another dream of her's will be coming true this week as well, as Thursday will be her first violin lesson.
Since kindergarten, she always made it clear the violin is the one and only option when it comes to choosing an instrument to play.
And now finally the time had come, and we went to visit the violin shop.

I must admit I love these kind of shops, as they always have a bit of a secretive aura about them. Full of treasures, mysterious objects and accessories, craftsmanship and unhasty knowledge.

Now we have a 1/4 violin to take care of. I fear it can probably make as much noise as a 1/1 violin. But maybe we'll be surprised at what fine little hands, young determination and a dancing heart can come up with! I look forward to these new roads my girl is taking.


Claudia said...

Nog bedankt voor je lieve bericht. Weet je dat Vera, die nu haar tweede kindje verwacht, vroeger precies deze maat viool had? Een antiek viooltje, destijds een cadeau aan haar van een kennis van mij trouwens. En nu moet ik even lachen want toen Vera elf of zo was, had ze een keer in haar schoolschrift geschreven: "Maandag is een rotdag.....dan heb ik vioolles!". In ieder geval wens ik je dochter heel veel plezier met de nieuwe aanwinst!

Linda said...

Your daughter sounds like mine. She was determined to play the violin, at the age of 4, even though I'd said that there was one instrument my children would never learn, because I couldn't bear the sound of strangled cats. But we never did have horrible sounds, because my children learned by the Suzuki method (daughter violin, son viola). Good luck with your musical journey - it is the best thing we ever did as a family.