27 September 2011


I know, it's not October yet, but the coming month will be such an exciting one. There are a couple of things over here, that will come to a final decision. This will mean a lot of new work, but also that some of our long time dreams and plans will hopefully come true.
I'll keep you in the loop!

And then there is this book I received yesterday. Just wonderful. The content, format, the way it is made up. I must admit I'm a bit proud to be a tiny part of it.

(Yes, it's this bench).

And in between things I might be able to try my hand at this simple quilt project from the book (I'm a beginner in this field) with pieces of treasured girls clothing that had their share of wear and tear, but I still can't get over throwing away:

Congratulations with this wonderful piece of work Grace! Completely in the spirit of your blog, but at the same time a great addition, with its own character.

Oh, and in case you wondered: Yes, I did go to the Oktoberfest this year. For the last couple of years I am in doubt, if I still feel like it. The whole circus about getting a table gets a bit on my nerves. Maybe it's just me getting older.
In the end, a good friend had a booking and we all went.
And it was nice again. Whatever the magnitude, commercialization and reservation policies, there's still nothing like the Wies'n.


Linda said...

Hopping over from Dancing Beastie to say hello to another map reader!

frauheuberg said...

hej...jump here over to your blog...after a lovley evening in Munich...here is Ines, the blogger with the red hair...hehe... and i was so exciting about your shop and its funny...because i was there some times ago...;)...so would be great to stay in contact...and let it flow...the time will come...for all your dreams...;)...cheers and hugs...i...