2 September 2011

Framed 2 - DIY

Back today with a new picture frame. Contrary to yesterday's more reduced style, this one fell into a pot of paint (a couple of pots really).

This is what I used:

Material: Cheap paper covered frame from IKEA, fabric, ribbon, carpet tape, tacker.
Stash buster factor: Good - smaller pieces of ribbon and fabric will do.
Recycle factor: Not really. Just pimping a rather boring paper frame. I picked this frame as it is not expensive (around 1,- Euro, I think) and slightly padded, so the fabric wraps nicely around it.
Crafting fun: There is a bit of fiddling and a bit of hand sewing hidden within this project. On the other hand...it's all part of the fun, and the frame is not too big so it stays manageable.

1. First you have to take the frame apart. Which is going to give you three pieces: Front frame, back cover and the support thingy. It's only glued together, and it doesn't matter if the paper is damaged a bit.

2. Then cut the fabric to size for each of the three pieces.

- For the back: Cut two fabric pieces of the same size (size of the back cover plus 1 cm seam allowance). Make a tight fitting "bag" out of these, leaving the bottom side open. NOTE: Don't forget the cut out at the top side of the paper frame: If you don't plan this one in, changing pictures is going to be a hassle!). Slide the back side into its cover. Close the bottom side with a couple of hand stitches.
- For the support latch: same procedure.
- For the front: cut four strips, two long ones and two shorter ones. They are meant to cover the four sides of the front frame. Make sure their width is approx 2 times the width of the frame and they are approx. 4 cm longer than the length of the frame sides. You'll have to be able to wrap them around and glue them to the back of the front frame. Sew the four pieces together so they will fit the frame. There is no easy way of doing this. It took me a while to make sure the fabric frame would neatly fit the paper one.

3. Use the carpet tape to tightly secure the fabric frame onto the front piece of the original paper frame, fold the left over fabric to the back of the piece and secure with carpet tape or hot glue.

4. Embellish the front frame with ribbon, buttons etc. I'm afraid it's hand stitching again! It's better to do it this way, as the fabric needs to be tight to avoid distortion or deformation, resulting in a fabric frame that doesn't fit the paper frame anymore...

5. Are you still with me? Good, as the easy part comes now: Glue the back and the front frame together again (I used the carpet tape), but just at the outer sides and not at the top side - you'll have to be able to slide the picture in...

6. Place the latch correctly onto the back side and use the tacker to secure at the top. The first part of the latch (until the bend) needs to be secured entirely to the back side of the frame, otherwise the latch doesn't have enough strength and your frame will slip away.

That's it. Not too difficult really. The only somewhat tricky part is sewing the cover for the front frame.

A set of mixed and matched fabrics on different frames would look nice!


Fledgling said...

So, so pretty! And what an easy and thoughtful gift! (Except it wouldn't fit in your teeny-tiny felt gift bags! I, frankly, would steadfastly refuse any gift from you that was not contained in such an ADORABLE teeny-tiny gift bag ;-))

Excellent ideas, Diana!


Unknown said...

That's such a cute DIY picture frame! I'm very impressed. I think that my sisters would love this for a Christmas gift, but we'll see if I have the time to make them. :)