31 August 2011


Well, that was quite a blog break! More than two months!
But now, slowly, my blogging mood is coming back.
There is a steady drizzle outside today, so it's a good time to look through the photos I made during these last summer months, and let the highlights pass before my eyes again.
Maybe I'll find two nice pictures to fill these frames with.

I picked these up when I was in Amsterdam. They are from "Luna" and are made in South Africa from discarded wood, which is collected and sold to Luna by homeless people.
Every frame is different, often with different layers of paint showing through, and when I spotted them in one of my favorite Amsterdam design shops (The Frozen Fountain), I immediately fell for their simple, robust look. At the same time they are well made, and the wood is pleasant to the touch.

I seem to have something with frames these days, as I just redid a simple IKEA one too. I'll show you tomorrow, together with a "how-to".

Hope you all had a wonderful summer, with lots of memorable days and some "frameworthy" moments as well!

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