19 June 2011

Monday Stills

Getting back into the swing of things after a holiday break can be so difficult.
And spring happens to be full of these breaks and festivities.
Miss A and M are still in the middle of their Pentecost holidays as well. So blogging is exchanged for pick-nicks or visits to the lake/pool (good weather), cinema, museums (mediocre weather), friends coming over to play, etc.

Not so much crafting. Or blogging. Or working. Just looking at these linens from the corner of my eyes, that's as close as it gets.

Well, ...hopefully next week then....


Ari said...

Einen tollen Blog mit wunderschönen Fotos hast Du.

Anairam said...
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Anairam said...

Those linens look gorgeous! You are lucky to live in a place where good fabrics are accessible. I battle to find beautiful & natural fabrics here. Well, one does find them, but they are sooooooo expensive!

viel-krempel said...

Toller header, super Fotos...und die Taschen vom 2.Juni sind einfach gorgeous...