16 May 2011

Monday Stills

I'm recovering from a nasty little (non-virtual) virus attack.

Therefore, I'm taking it easy this Monday morning, and check out my new gadget.

Actually, I should say: My only gadget, as I'm usually not very aware of the latest available technical accessories which could improve my quality of life in the way that actually doing things, can be replaced by steering, loading and clicking things.

I think I stranded somewhere around the invention of the dishwasher.

I do notice that there is an increasing amount of battery chargers which wander into our luggage when we travel. The place they take up in our suitcases is actually slowly becoming a threat to the amount of shoes I can squeeze in.

Simply adding a suitcase or bag, which would seem an easy solution, evokes a strong inner resistance from somewhere deep within me. This probably is a legacy of the early days of our life together, where my husband fooled enthousiastic, naive me into joining his adventurous trekking events. For these undertakings the first rule is: "Less is More", which you can only agree to after the second day of backpacking your backpack up a volcano, or constantly lugging it up/dragging it down from autobus roofs. After that, we had a two-seater which could barely hold a towel and a bottle of sun screen. And then we had two kids, whom I regularly took for visits to their grand parents in NL. I found out the hard way that it is not recommendable navigating more than a suitcase and a handbag when you have a maxi cosy with baby dangling on one hand, and a toddler hanging on to your other sleeve, while you rush to check in for a flight. You can see how the "L is M" mantra got ingrained over the years.

Now back to my gadget. It's brilliant. It saves room. And it's not technical at all. It will allow me to take more shoes, while I magically hide three kilos worth of books into a 600 gram and 2,5 centimeter thick tablet. It's fun to use, and quick too. No added suitcases. Nice work, if you ask me.

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