9 May 2011

Monday Stills

Actually a Sunday Still. And maybe this post should be called "The Singing Succulents".
But first things first.

This is Miss A. She has a desk right under her bedroom window. A window facing south where the light streams in on sunny afternoons, and from which she has a view into the garden. This is great, because Miss A. loves to draw and sits here regularly. Most children like to draw but Miss A. loooves it. In German you would say "Sie malt für ihr Leben gern". Give her a snippet of paper and she is off..

Now last week I read a piece about children's art in our news paper. It appears that most kids, once they become a teenager, automatically stop painting and drawing as a spontaneous way of expressing themselves. Psychologists say it's because they are getting too critical. They feel that their work is not good enough. They also might be too busy with other things. We'll see what happens to Miss A.'s drawing fever (of course I secretly hope she'll just keep on enjoying it, in whatever form!), but in the mean time, I love to hold this moment before my eye just a bit longer.

"What about the succulents then?", you ask. This drawing of a succulent choir is actually one of my favorites. She made it last year at Kindergarten after a visit to the botanical garden. My husband nicked it for his study. The somewhat austere brown one in the left corner is a palm. He's the conductor.

He also snapped Mr. Pig who is waving at us from a square post-it size piece of paper.

I recently saved this snippet for me though.

If she grows up and wants to never touch a set of crayons again, I will still have the antelopes to look at and to remind her of how much fun she had, drawing and doodling.

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