1 May 2011

It was a mild spring weekend, and looking into the garden from our loggia was a delight. I did get out of my chair though, in between breakfast, afternoon tea and a lovely dinner of asparagus risotto, and went to check out the flea market.
As I always like to see on other blogs what people snap up during their thrifting sprees, I shall now share mine. Look away if you don't like clutter.

The tiniest of brass birds. Actually a set of three, but I gave each of the girls one.

A bag of dice. Dice always get lost. I've stocked up now.
For all conceivable dice games.
Even the ones where throwing a banana, a pig or and old shoe are part of the game.

A delightful box of what must be a 100 glass chandelier pendants in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We have no chandelier for these. However, I'm pretty sure that they will be very useful for future crafting projects.

And this is Miss M's small collection of trinkets...it must be in the genes.
She promised me I can borrow the ring. I'm not too sure about the earrings...maybe when I'm invited to an eighties party...;)

I will also tell you what I did not buy: Two messed up sets of drawers, a set of industrial lamps, boxes with buttons, empty boxes, vases, sets of tiny antique porcelain doll's arms. No books either. I also left the canvas world map for the wall behind and dashed past the stand with the glass laboratory menagerie.
That was quite good of me.

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