19 May 2011

Crafters Closet - A dress part two

The dress is no longer. It has been transformed in a not so spectacular but nice and colourful neck-roll cover, and immediately been claimed by Miss A. who drags it with her to wherever she decides her new chill-out zone is going to be.

Material: Old dress, ribbons, hot pink linen, embroidery thread.
Stash buster factor: Good. Everything was there except one of the ribbons.
Recycle factor: Yes.
Crafting fun: Quick and easy. It's always nice to play around with matching ribbon and fabric, and the actual sewing is a piece of cake!

In the mean time I'm making some progress with the letter case. Here's what I'm going to use.

The book on Maya Textiles was a steal and is very inspiring. That's why it's on the picture. The piece of multiplex wood is just a part of the actual required amount. My plan foresees quite some fret sawing, so I hope my hand doesn't fall off by the time I'm ready. The tin of white spray paint in the upper let corner is a relatively old one, I once bought to paint some metal.
I'm going to finish it, but hereby swear never to buy this stuff again, because my oh my, it does smell horribly chemical! Maybe any of you know of a spray paint that is no absolute bio hazard? If so, tell me about it!

I'm off now, to pull together a ginormous grocery list, as we're cooking a five course dinner for approx ten people this weekend. This needs some planning. And fresh flowers. And ironing of the largest table cloth I can find in the house.

See you next Monday!


Die Schaubude said...

Wow ....very nice ;) lg tani

doro K. said...

oh das ist doch ganz wunderschön geworden.
ein kissen mit geschichte zudem noch.

liebe grüße, doro K.

Pomona said...

I agree that the dress fabric is far too lovely to abandon - a lovely way to reuse it, too!

Pomona x