3 May 2011


Here we go for the next installment of my craft projects-in-waiting! I picked up this small bird house at the thrift store a while ago, as I liked it's shape so much.

As a real bird house however, this little dwelling doesn't seem ideal. It can't be opened and cleaned from the inside. Also: I doubt one young bird could find it's way out from the depths of it (although they are capable of quite a lot!). But I think I can make it look pretty, so that it will fit next to my small collection of other bird houses (...I do aim to keep this "collection" tiny! Just three or four of them.)

Paper and paint where the first things I could come up with. So the material above is my starting point. A Carta Varese with a tiny, lovely print in cheerful but soft colours will take the lead. I'll see how it turns out an will post the results at the end of this week!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, lovely. I look forward to seeing the end result!