6 May 2011

The Birdhouse Part Two

Here we have a newly renovated bird loft for rent.
Small and private. City location but quiet and surrounded by gardens.

Property owners: Family of humans with two lovely, animal-friendly girls. Sympathetic, helpful male adult, and a female who sometimes sings out loud (minus), but puts seed balls out in winter (plus).

Dangers: Two felines, a couple of unpredictable blackbirds, and several grumpy squirrels wandering the gardens. No foxes.

It is funny how taking a photo, sometimes brings out what is missing. Looking at the picture above I think that, before I can officially can declare this project finished (to my taste), I will add a small lining of green felt behind the orange roof edges.
Which, at this stage, will be a bit (very) fiddly. Hopefully I can bring up the patience. But I'm not expecting any tenants soon so that'll be allright.

Material used: Paper, felt, acrylic paint, bit of embroidery floss.
Practical use: Uh. None whatsoever.
Recycle factor: Medium. At least the bird house didn't get ditched. And my felt stash has been reduced by 10 square centimeters.
Crafting fun: Yes!


Pomona said...

Wow - beautiful! What a clever thing you are!

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

It's SO sweet! Clever you!

Meagan @ Style-Edition said...

So cute! I love it!