24 May 2011

About Craft Materials

I visited my local felt store to buy a small piece of felt of a specific colour. Before I knew it, I heard myself asking "Do you, by any chance, have some left-over scraps?".

I felt my heart jump when the lady said: "Sure, let me get a bag for you."
My heart jumped even higher when I saw the actual size of the bag she handed me in exchange for a small amount of money.
I cycled home, managing this ginormous bag with one hand, humming "Rolling in the Deep" from Adele, and leaving a trail of head-shaking, fore-head pointing and disgruntled looking fellow road-users behind.

After I got settled at the kitchen table with a cup of tea, I started unpacking, and my heart jumped up for a third time: The colours, the amount, the dust!

Now I have a ton of beautiful wool felt strips (broad and narrow) and pieces in all imagineable colours, and it's official: I'm a crafting material geek.

Crafting Material Geeks do not necessarily look for the "ready-to-go" craft supplies (although they do appreciate those too). They secretly prefer the "good finds": Boxes of old mother-of-pearl buckles, vintage embroidered "just-a-small-stain-in-the-corner" table cloths, silly ephemera collections.

Alternatively, they are also crazy about the "this-might-come-in-handy" stuff like there are ribbon spools, drift wood, scraps of all kind, actimel bottles, glass doll's eyes, boxes with wooden letters etc.

This does not mean I save absolutely every bit of string I find. Craft Material Geeks are picky (to their own standards, that is). And to save myself and my family from too much stuff lying around, I regularly clean out. The geekiness as such is incurable though.

Or does anybody out there have a different experience?


Anonymous said...

Oh, same, same, except that I am terrible at clearing out. Our house is stuffed with things that 'might come in useful one day'!

Pomona said...

'This might come in handy' is a dangerous phrase! It leads to very well-stuffed cupboards ...

Pomona x