12 April 2011

Monday Stills

Message in a bottle.
Remember this "Police" song? Where lonely Sting sends out a bottle message, and waits for ages and ages until he (almost) gives up hope, and then he opens up his front door one day, and sees a hundred-thousand answers "washed upon the shore"?

The following gave me a similar feeling...
On our way home from a wonderful, lazy afternoon at the banks of the Isar, we got over the "Thalkirchener" Bridge and saw all these small love messages fastened to the balustrade.

Cheerfully bonded without being chained, that's how I see it. You can throw your key into the fast flowing river for a touch of drama, or keep it in your pocket or a secret place. You might not tell anybody about it, but at the same time let the world know. You can add your children by adding smaller locks. Maybe it's the beginning of a family lock tree? And even if your "forever and ever" only lasts a month or a year. It was there and brought a smile to more faces than you would think.

1 comment:

doro K. said...

oh das ist ja ein wunderschöner fund. so schön symbolisch und kitschig. sehr sehr schön!!

liebe grüße an dich, doro K.