21 April 2011

Crafter's Closet

I will open that closet, of which every crafter is afraid: The one of unfinished projects, rudimentary ideas and serious candidates for the bin.
In my case, I won't need to open a closet really, as these items are strewn across my work room, which doubles as a guest room, and lies right next to our living room, connected by double doors.

Needless to say these doors need to stay shut most of the time. And all the piles need to be moved to our bed room (right next to the pile of unironed laundry) every time we get guests to stay over. This moving around and keeping doors shut, gets on my nerves, and so does the proof of procrastination and assorted mistakes that grows under my eyes.

To fight this nasty battle, I will try to post the story of one of those closet projects every week. Clean, fact driven and without mercy...kind of like in my old project manager days.
No optical illusions, touch ups and all that. Just make, share and close the project off, regardless if it's a hit or miss.

Here we go!

Project 1: Library bags.
This sewing project all centers around two small cross stitch wall hangings, which I picked up on a thrift market a couple of months ago. After the first euphoria calmed down, the big question came up: "But really,....what do I do with them?"

First: Take them out of their flimsy frame.
Second: Think hard about what on earth would be a useful project to incorporate them in, taking their somewhat odd size into account.
Three: Come up with the brilliant and unheard of idea to add them to the (much) needed library bags for the girls.
Four: Start mixing and matching to get the material together.

And that's where I left it all behind in January of this year....

Material: Linen, ribbon sample, fat quarter of cotton, piece of felt and eyelets.
Stash buster an recycle factor: Good. Bought one set of small thrift embroidery pieces, picked all the rest of my stash. Reduces the use of plastic bags too. Makes kids happy. Complexity: Simple.
Result: Next week.

Wish me luck ;)

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Pomona said...

You have inspired me to finish a cardi that has been hanging round for months! Let's hope the inspiration lasts.

Pomona x