23 March 2011

Pip Blues

Miss M has moved out.
One day, a couple of months ago, she whispered her biggest wish in my ear. Her own room. Please.
Not that sharing with her sister was a problem, but her need for her "own" corner in the house had grown.

Miss A wasn't too charmed, but she understood, and got used to the idea over time.
And we had the space for it.
So we did some planning and cleaning out, and last week the big day arrived. Oh, how my girl enjoyed figuring out where to put what, and how she wanted it to be perfect, in all detail.

We got our treasured Pip Studio wallpaper out to decorate her new wardrobe. We changed a lamp. We bought "grown-up" duvet covers. However, lying in her bed that first night, hearing her sister humming next door, the golden shine of having her own little kingdom faded a little. She suddenly realized there was a "goodbye" she had to catch up with, and that it is a blessing to have a connecting door through which you can exchange late night stories.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds the perfect compromise: separate but adjoining rooms. Quite a milestone in the family's life! I just love that beautiful wallpaper panel on the wardrobe, by the way. Sooo pretty!