27 February 2011

Monday Stills

Wally has helped us out quite a few times. On long flights, during days of illness, and sometimes just on early Monday mornings, while we are slowly waking up, and there is still some time before kindergarten starts.

Let's see..can you find Odlaw?
I'd get nuts if I had to draw this - Martin Handford must be a patient man!


doro K. said...

ja, dieses gewusel ist schon wahnsinn.
wir haben die kleine ausgabe mit lupe. nichts für meine maulwurfsaugen.
aber wirklich ein prima zeitvertreib für die kids...wir suchen übrigens immer einen "walter".

liebe grüße, doro K.

Allison said...

I love these books and I'm not even a kid. I can imagine that they will be great fun for our little guy when he is older. I know him as "Waldo?"... is "Odlaw" his name in Dutch?