6 February 2011

Monday Stills

This post card cut-out hangs right beside the front door, on the way to our kitchen. I typically pass this corner of our apartment a zillion times a day. That is also the reason why it hangs there. Because it makes me smile.
Life can be good at any age.

Some people whisper (and they are not trying to be nice...) that it is my girlfriend G. and me.
It's not.
But it could be us in about 35 years. (Except for the dress of the lady on the right. I'm not going to wear a similar dress, and I'm pretty sure G. won't be wearing it either).
Hopefully round that time, we'll be able to meet up regularly in a sunny place, chatting the hours away. Taking walks followed by an egg-nog and a huge piece of cake.
Yes, that could be us.


snygg said...

Too cool, these two :)

dancingbeastie said...

They make me smile, too! My late granny kept a photo in her bedroom which was of her and her two best friends when they were at teaching college in the 1920s. In their cloche hats and drop-waisted dresses, they were having a day at the beach, and were arm in arm, kicking up their legs in the surf and laughing into the camera. Seventy years after the photo was taken, they were still friends. :)