28 February 2011

The making of...

I had such fun with this. I also realized (again) about my dreadful written German, the woes of Microsoft Publisher, and what a lovely, diligent but also easy-going person Nic from Luzia Pimpinella is.

Of course I already knew that, like I knew about all the pretty stuff Nic designs too, and her photography, which betrays the same eye for detail and colour. That's actually why I asked her a few months ago if she'd be interested in making a designer portrait with me for my Caught Crafting blog.

She was, so know it's there. Ready for you to download. Ten pages long with a small, printeable extra to get your craftiness going. And it's available in English and German.
Go have a peek, to see what's all in there and let me know what you think!

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