11 February 2011

Luring Spring

...by spreading some colour. Nic started a big scale colour infusion in blogland.
First up: Lime, or Limette as the Germans say (Love that: "Limette").
So here is my nature made, hand made, industrial made Lime sorbet.
Once we're through with all the colours, the handmade bit will hopefully come together in a nice Spring bouquet.

First pic: A lime tree as nature, and the good care of our neighbours makes them. Second: A "forgotten" candle holder on our balcony, braving winter temperatures. Last: Some lime from my felt stash, to kick of the handmade bit.

When you click the "Lure Spring" logo on my side bar, you'll find out more in case you want to join the virtual blog spring!

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TinnyMey said...

very nice blog ♥♥♥
greetings from germany, Tinny!