14 January 2011

Wandering through blogland these days, I see a lot of cleaning-up and reorganizing activities. I'm no different really, as these early weeks of January seem to ask for it...

A make over for our girl's room is on the agenda, cleaning out my study is long overdue, and saying goodbye to tons of paper is about time. (I always keep old bills, account statements, registrations and what not for ages and ages, because the moment I throw stuff out, some u
nexpected need for it always comes up...)

After all that busy planning, of what I should do, I needed something else to do. So I dug up those inspiring pictures of "Caretti Siciliani" I bookmarked a while ago, and painted this small box for pins.

Getting my pins under control is really a tremendous achievement don't you think ?
I believe I can rest a bit now.

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GB said...

Such a lovely DIY! Love the colors and the pattern---just what cold winters need! :)