23 January 2011

Monday Stills

Today: A Clock. Or rather: Something clock-like.

During our last visit in Holland, Miss M. discovered this wooden toy clock at my parent's house. She picked it up from the depths of a cupboard where some of my old childhood toys bravely stood the test against time.

Once at home, in her own bedroom, she immediately put it up against the wall. Very satisfied of having her own "practicing clock" within sight.
I do like the clock too.

It also fills me with a hint of melancholy, when I see how my oldest is slowly but surely grasping the concept of time. Walking with big strides towards a grown-up life sliced into decades, lustrums, years, months, hours, minutes. Learning that "things" (should) take an x-amount of time.

Once you know about time, there is no way back. It's like learning words, or reading.
It's good and wonderful. It's necessary...but to be honest, when it comes to knowing about the slices of time, I secretly think it's also a tiny little bit of a shame...