16 January 2011

Monday Stills

I know I'm not exactly a regular poster. But you know, blog inspiration comes and goes. For the coming weeks however I want to give it a shot. At least each Monday.

At the start of the working week the house is normally peaceful and quiet. I enjoy wandering from room to room, cleaning things up here and there, letting some fresh air in, and let new ideas or the planning for the coming week run through my mind. During these moments, I take the time to enjoy the light and atmosphere of this apartment I came to love and feel at home in. So, I took up the idea to share some of this with you and to post a Monday Still each week.

Today: This silly, yellow vase I can't part with (I stuck some ribbon on it as well...djeez), the red berries and the wall paint in the background, it's hue changing with the sun from grey to a very light capuccino.

What/when are your favorite moments at home?

1 comment:

feel what I felt said...

I love sunday mormings (when i dont have many things to do!),sitting close to the window with cup of coffee, relaxing :) And after that having our pets around sitting on the c╬┐uch watching sponge bob