8 January 2011

Glitter Girls

Miss A. is the youngest one in a line of glitter girls. And with that I mean women who love anything that's shiny. Especially her great grandmother and me.

We just can't resist a good dose of sparkle. It doesn't have to be expensive or everlasting. I have, for instance, a (not so expensive) fire opal that never ceases to amaze me with its deep, secretive glow. But a good Christmas ornament, or an outburst of starry fireworks does the same thing. We get that distant look in out eyes, and leave out a deep sigh.

Over the years I have toned down a bit lot on the obvious glitter (the style police is everywhere and quite unforgiving!), but when the day comes that I'm gliding over that red carpet, I'm going to drape as many Swarovski crystals or sequins around me as I can get away with. (I can safely make this statement here, as that day won't come. Ever;)

One of the things a glitter girl obviously needs, is a box in which she can safely organize her bits of sparkle. So that's what Miss A. got over Christmas.

I knew that Pang-Dang game, the bag of left-over felt I dragged home from my felt supply store, and the vintage ribbon would come in handy ;). Colour outside, a mirror and glitter inside. Perfect for my sweet pea!


Torie Jayne said...

Beautiful box!
Have a sweet day form a fellow glitter princess!

lila Braga said...

fabulous box glitter girl!;D
love you blog!