6 December 2010

Wreath business

After visiting my local craft supply store, I came home with all kinds of stuff that were not on my list.

With all this extra stuff, I started making a Christmas wreath. So I thought at least. Until my whole family (one after the other) dropped by, peeking over my shoulder to see what I was doing, and asking: "Whazthat?"
"A wreath", I said.
"That's no wreath!", they would mumble, "That's two iron rings with things!"
"O.", I said (a bit pinny), "And why, in your (unsolicited) opinions, is it no wreath?"
"There is no greenery in it", they said.

No greenery. Mwah. There's bits of green related things in it (wood). I say it's a Christmas wreath. And in case you want to know: Here I explain how I got around to make the painted wooden Christmas baubles, for my own, personal Christmas wreath.


Anneke said...

Very lovely! i like it :)

Die Schaubude said...

Wow ist der schön ;)!

snygg said...

I like it very much :)

lightbluegrey said...

Just found your blog and flickr stream. So glad I did. Made me happy.

meisje van vervlogen dagen said...

Saw this on bloesem. Beautiful!

meisje van vervlogen dagen said...

Kickcan and conkers, not bloesem

Fledgling said...

First off, that Advent calendar is ROCKIN'! How cool is that?

Secondly, we hadn't "spoken" in awhile. I hadn't even checked your blog (shame on me). Anyway, just yesterday, I was surfing Design*Sponge, looking for home decor ideas...Older entries...surf...surf...look... look...Older entries...

Huh: That table just looks SO Diana.

Huh: There's a name highlighted blue and it's "Diana".

Whatcha know?! "Diana" is "Oh... my DIANA!"

Something about the light in the photo and then the divine, whimsical, colorful, tasteful and fun bead tiles made me think "Diana".

I kid you not.

I think it is really something to recognize a person in their work regardless of the medium. I'd recognize you from fifty feet away ;-)

Ursula said...

Well, I LOVE your wreath! And I do not think it needs greenery ... it looks awesome just the way it is.
Now I am wondering what would your family say to my Advent "wreath" ... it does not have greenery - only green moss - and it is not even round ...

Guess they would not approve! :-D
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful WREATH.