15 November 2010

Pang Dang!

I found an old pictogram game on one of my flea market sprees. I was charmed by the small icons and liked the game's name: Pang Dang! Maybe anybody of you knows it? I've never seen it in my younger days...

Some research on the net didn't bring much. Apparently the game has been discontinued and the company that produced it doesn't exist anymore. As a couple of the cards had been "re-interpreted" by a young artist in the past ;), the game could be played no longer as intended (which I knew when I bought it - It were the icons that drew my attention anyway), so I used a couple of the fun drawings for something else.

I think these will go on a nice album or box cover, or maybe end up as a decorative piece on a small purse. And the next one to "re-do" should probably be the pair of scissors. Or maybe the goose. Love the goose.

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Gabi said...

Wonderful! Love it!