23 November 2010

It has been a long couple of days behind my laptop, but now everything is ready to go. The new "winter"-ribbons and the classic Christmas ones are in the shop, the news pages are all updated and I finished up a little extra:

That's right: A bit of fabric and ribbon inspiration.

As I wanted to do something else this year than "just" listing what's new, I raided Linda's shop (and she also added some goods for free. Thanks for that Linda!), spread out all that colour and pattern on the floor and started to mix and match with my ribbon. Out came 6 pages of great, and sometimes unexpected combinations, which I hope will give you some ideas for lovely winter crafting projects, and get you going with your own creative mixing and matching.

You will find muted combinations and bright ones, graphically strong designs and softer ones. The whole set can be downloaded from the Ribbons and Crafts site (3,7 MB), and while you're there: Take the chance to register if you want, as I'm working on a small surprise for all my registered customers/visitors later this week!

Well, I think I'll take a short computer break to get some craft projects on the way myself.
I still have hopes to be able to make this year's advent calendar instead of buying one ;)
We'll see...I keep you posted!

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