29 November 2010

Cylinder counting

Time didn't allow for a self-made wreath and a self made Advent calendar.
So the excited, longing children's eyes and voices won: A calendar it is.

Here's a shot of the making process.

And here's the result. The pictures are somewhat crappy because snow is already falling for 24 hours here, which means less light. And the cylinder family didn't want to line up the way I told them - a couple of them kept turning their backs on me. But you'll get the general idea.

I picked origami paper again this year. Because I love the patterns so much. Each cylinder has a little door that can be swiveled to the side, after which the content can be gobbled down without further ado.
I did suggest however, that both girls include a little self-made surprise for each-other, which was taken up enthusiastically and led to a lot of secret crafting fun.

Have a good Advent time!


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