24 September 2010


We went to the eye doctor last week. Routine check-up for the three of us. Everything was absolutely fine, although our small, eagle-eyed Miss A. was somewhat disappointed that she did not need a pair of glasses after all.

On the way home in the subway the girls cuddled up against me. Miss A. holding hands with her sister (ah, they can be so cute!).
It had been a busy week for all of us, and late afternoons are always the part of the day where energy levels run low. A friendly looking woman in her fifties was standing in the corner across from us, two metres away. Maybe she travelled from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to build a new life in Europe. Maybe.

She looked at us with a smile. Then, suddenly tears came into her eyes, and she had to turn away.

We reminded her, surely, of things that had been. Or could have been. And as much as I wanted to console her, I didn't know how.
I just hoped she has people near and dear to her who can. I wish that for all of us.

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kuzya said...

hmmm...just stumbled accross your blog. what a dear moment to witness. it's those kind of details in our life that make it so sweet. =)