18 June 2010

wardrobe part 2

Oh. It's summer hiding in there... I should have known.

Here's the how to:

1. I drew, scanned and printed the wardrobe (just 4 walls, no roof) to fit around an old, straight forward pc heatsink (the simpler its form, the better it is). Then I cut some paper to size, to cover the interior of the wardrobe. After that,
I glued the wardrobe together and placed it over the heat sink.
2. For the flowers and the grass: Again, I drew these to size, scanned, cleaned it all up digitally, printed them and cut them out, leaving enough paper at the bottom to be able to slide them between the fins of the heat sink.
3. Et voila: The possibilities of your diorama are endless!

...for instance little red riding hood, dilly-dallying on her way to grandma (Watch your back girl!):

This might keep me busy for a while. Until the rain stops.


Helmi said...

Oh...my bag, wat leuk. Interessant blog hoor.
grt. Helmi

Challenge Life said...
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JKMusicforLIFE said...

Nice blog.