2 May 2010

busy but not blogging

It's been a bit of a slow week here. Child at home sick (but better now), only snatching a couple of working hours here and there. Doing too much in the (late) evening and then getting punished by the alarm clock in the morning.

So when I got a few hours on Saturday morning, I dived head first into Munich's thrifting season. Every spring there are organised, neighbourhood yard sales, with maps of all the houses and buildings that have joined. A nice opportunity to discover some hidden city-gardens and pictoresque back yards as well as doing some flea-market shopping at the same time.

This time I saved a paper and wood peacock from the rain:

And these ceramic pendants:

The seller told me they were from Mexico - does anybody know a bit more about them? I'd love to collect some additional ones! Tomorrow (Monday) I'll get going with a normal week. A couple of furniture make-overs are desperately calling for my attention!


Anonymous said...

What a fine idea to have neighbourhood yard sales, and in such a beautiful city too. It must make for a lovely day out and about.

Glad that sick child is recovering - and that mother's life can therefore get back to normal!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it`s super cute! Great finds.