22 April 2010

turning weakness into strength

I have this weakness for wasabi peas. Once I'll open a box I can't stop nibbling. The spicier it gets, the better. Once I have finished a tin (sometimes my husband and Miss A. also get 1 pea. Miss M. thinks they are too spicy), I just can't throw it away. I mean it's a good tin. Perfect closing lid as well. It just seems such a waste. So I've been piling them up in a corner. Something like this:

Of course these tins are not the only things I have been piling up. So I thought, let's make the tin-pile a bit prettier, and then put all the other unorganized piles into the pile of tins.

Nice huh? And it's a total win-win situation. I have one pile instead of multiple piles, I can keep eating wasabi peas, I have an excuse to buy pretty paper and fiddle around with my new printer/scanner making little labels.
You should try it as well. Also works with peanuts, macadamia, almonds etc.


dancingbeastie said...

what a brilliant idea! Very inspiring.

kim said...

haha, funny! And a great excuse it is! Lovely paper.

Anja said...

I definitely need to empty my wasabi peas tin NOW!


Feutrella said...

Wonderful idea! Very nice.

Shippymolkfred said...

Great idea!
Greetings from Scotland