2 March 2010

Sewing Clothes for the Kids we Love

When I got Nancy's email a year or so ago, saying she was going to write a book, and asking if I would consider making some felt accessories that could be strewn in here and there, I shouted "Whoopeee, yes!" to my laptop. Because I knew that her book would be a feast of colour, loaded with abundant and versatile designs for kid's clothing, and filled with delicious photography.

I also knew, that there would be lots of useful information behind all that eye-candy. And most important: I knew that this book would be written with heart and soul. With care and attention from both Nancy and Sabine.

So, without further ado, I did my little colour thing, and sent her a set of flower brooches/hair pins/scarf holders, hoping they would be what she looked for... Well, they were...and the editor did not cut them out. And this one is in a book now (yoohoo, hello sweetie! It's your mum waving to you!)

Maybe you've met her there already, maybe you will in the future. Maybe not at all. But in case you think it would be nice to add a little extra to a festive "Manhattan" dress, or "Brooklyn" shrug...or that "Feliz" skirt you are sewing would be perfect with a nonchalant detail on the hip: Here is the pattern. In English and German.

Have fun...that book will last a long time!

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sabine said...

Ja, einiges schöne wurde leider vom Verlag gekürzt. Vielen Dank, dass du trotzdem deine Idee zur Verfügung stellst!
Liebe Grüße