5 February 2010

Taking it as it comes...

I planned this to be a crafty post. Waited two weeks, hoping to get something finished. Something that would be half-way presentable. But I'm in the slow craft mode. Strolling along nostalgia lane instead. So be it.

Last year, around this time, we were travelling back home from Australia. One of those holidays that get even better, the more you look back at it. On Miss A.'s birthday we were in "Agnes Water" and had a nice little party, the four of us.

But...let's be honest, for a birthday girl turning five, nothing beats the hoopla of thirteen kids, three kilos of sweets, a chocolate cake and a bit of downhill sledding. So that's what we did this year. And we survived.

All of this was a week ago, and I'm still eating those wiener-wurstl...maybe that's what slows down the crafting. But then again, it might be these holiday pictures I keep looking at, and the thought of all those hot, hot days full of sun and water.


Femke said...

Hi Diana,

Bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog en de tip voor de website van Rebecca Thuss, inderdaad een erg mooie website!

Fijn weekend!

Groetjes Femke

Berlin said...
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