12 February 2010

Application form

Often, that what I expect to be the tricky bit about a crafting project, turns out not to be so tricky at all. Application for instance.

I always dreaded the fraying of fabric, an intended circular form that would turn out octagonal-ish. The skill needed to get more or less even stitches. The somewhat smuddly result after hours of sweating over a piece of fabric - doing and redoing bits.

But no, all of that turns out relatively painless. The tricky bit is the composition. What to add, what to leave out. Where space and emptiness is good, where it's boring.

Proportions, sizes, placement. I'm learning. And right now, I happen to like big flowers.


Andrea said...

i love love love that embroidery. perfect. everything.
xo andrea

macati said...

oh I just fell in love... it's adoooorable

doro K. said...



Pomona said...

It's lovely!

Pomona x

Kirschblüten said...

oh wow. das sieht wunderschön aus!