6 January 2010

You know it's the first week of January when...

...suddenly there are a lot more joggers.

...there is almost nobody else on the streets, except those joggers.

...the police is harvesting on parking tickets.
All parking licenses have expired, and the municipality is not in a hurry to supply us, humble citizens with new ones.

...dinner consists of old, wrinkled tomatoes, pasta and stuff from the freezer I had forgotten about (fish sticks, pesto..).
Every year it slips my mind, that the 6th of January also is a day off, and well...shops are closed.

...street corners and junctions are still covered with the red fire works paper. Like it. Gives me an "after-the-party-feeling" in a nice way.

...I make lists. No "to-do" lists of course. Just "Preliminary Lists of Things to Consider in the Coming Weeks" and "Draft Notes for when Everything is Back-to-Normal".
This involves a lot of...eh...thinking, mugs of tea/coffee and all the left-over christmas chocolate I can lay my hands on.

...I think I should go and see my dentist for a check up.

...it's time for new fridge magnets....

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Pomona said...

You've just reminded me about going to the dentist! Happy new year!

Pomona x