4 January 2010


...looks at me from the title of this post. A bit astonished. The curiousness of youth so to say. Quite a pretty year this twenty-ten. Still, in about 360 days, she'll be gone again. Oh so quick, just like all the ones before her.

But for now: We will get to know each other. Day-by-day. We're starting out really nice and quiet over here. I hope we'll get along. I hope you'll get along with her too. She will surely be something different for everyone, but I wish for all of you, that her days will be clear and kind, and that her nights will bring good sleep and a funny dream or two.
Happy 2010!

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Fledgling said...

Happy New Year to you dear Diana!

You know, I just discovered your BEAUTIFUL flickr account. BEAUTIFUL. I think you could make some spare cash as a photo stylist.

This image just makes me super-duper happy.


May every day of 2010 teach you something new, show you grace and offer you beauty and joy.