7 December 2009


hmm...hum...erghh...yes (clears throat after longer silence). I feel, I'm slowly (and pleasantly) sliding into a winter hibernation here. Lingering over the chimney, covered with silver spray, so to speak.

Doing nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, slowly packing up the year, taking things as they come. This time, I feel none of the craziness of Christmas. At all. Just some casual get together's before the year's end. Nikolaus, a birthday, an easy going advent-party here and there.
I might do a little round with my camera tomorrow...

Would you like to see some "Munich-in-December" impressions?
Was that a promise I just made?
It would be quite a rainy set of impressions, I fear.
Nevertheless...sounds good to me.
See you back tomorrow!
I think.

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