19 November 2009

Try Out

Kids grow, coats get bigger, and the good old baby coat-hanger just couldn't cope anymore. So, I tried something out.

The Husband thinks it's: "Errrgh...nice...but a bit stuffy".
I think it's: "Nice, but...uhm...wobbly".
The kids think it's: "Nice, full stop" (sweethearts).

I'm not entirely ready to let the whole idea go, so I think, I'll give it a second try. What do you think?

a) "You might get the wobbliness out. However: The stuffiness won't go away."
b) "You might get the stuffiness ánd wobbliness out in one go, by dumping the whole fabric cover idea (or at least the quilting-thing in the lower part), and by changing the hooks."
c) "Try again. It's not stuffy, just wobbly."
d) "What's the problem? Go with the kids."
e) "I'm thinking of cookies/summer/my to do list, and that I shouldn't be surfing around."

Your input is very much appreciated ;)!


Pomona said...

It looks very sweet from here, and if the littlies like it, why worry?! And if one day it wobbles to bits, why then you can think of something else!

Pomona x

Julia said...

I say d (and e, but that's my issue :) It looks very nice to me! Pretty and well done.

magnolia stoffwerkstatt said...

So sweet!!

doro K. said...

und E.
ich finde es absolut klasse. perfekt - farben, muster. einfach toll!!!
ich glaube wir brauchen auch eine neue hakenleiste. deine idee ist einfach toll.

liebe grüße, doro.

Trine said...

It really is perfect. Very good work. I like it.

madebykaren said...

beautiful, creative!

Big Blog Collection said...

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Nic said...

i really go with the kids! it is beautiful!!!

and i have to send a big THANK YOU for this cute litte "chin up" i received today! you made my day, diana! :)))

send you some hugs (with a mask ;)

Gabi said...

Good enough to add your blog to my reader =).

Beau-ti-ful!!! God with the kids ;).